Senior Management


Thomas is the Human Resources Director of Informa Markets. He joined Informa in April 2005 and is responsible for human resources functions and strategy, talent management, remuneration and colleague engagement.Thomas was previously Head of HR for Snell & Wilcox, a leading manufacturer of broadcasting equipment for the media industry.


Charlie McCurdy

President & CEO, Informa Markets

Richard Brook

Executive Vice President, Marketing

Marco Basso

President, Brazil

Jason Brown

Chief Digital Officer

Malcolm Carradus

Chief Financial Officer

Sinead Davies

Head of Legal, EMEA

Jonathan Earp

Chief Technology Officer

Jimé Essink

President, Asia

Peter Hall

President, EMEA

Tim Hart

Executive Vice President of Commercial Development

Fredrik M. Linder

President, Health and Nutrition

Christophe Luino

Managing Director, Anti-Aging

Rick McConnell

President, North America

Gaelle Tallarida

Managing Director, Monaco Yacht Show

John van der Valk

President, Digital

Andrew Williams

President, Maritime