Specialist markets and industries find success when the right people - buyers, sellers, decision makers - come together to discover the latest products, understand trends, meet new customers, understand what buyers want and do business.

Informa Markets helps specialist markets to innovate and grow by enabling businesses to connect with customers, learn and trade.

Bringing specialist markets to life 

Learn more about trends in three of the markets we serve, written by some of the Informa Markets colleagues who work most closely with customers in these communities.

 Rick McConnell Discusses a Hybrid Future for Exhibitions

Beauty | Under the Skin of Beauty

Claudia Bonfiglioli, China Beauty, Informa Markets

Even in economic slowdowns, some sectors seem to defy gravity. The beauty sector is certainly one: between 2016 and 2022, projections suggest it will generate business worth nearly $430bn globally and deliver annualised growth of over 4%.

IM Fashion

Brand Licensing | Brand Discovery Goes Digital

Anna Knight, Licensing Group, Informa Markets

From branded sunglasses, luggage and replica football shirts to action figures, perfume and even festivals and theme parks, licensing is a powerful brand extension tool. lt enables an intellectual property owner to lend their brand to trusted specialist operators and gain fresh markets, fans and revenues.

IM Brand

Health & Nutrition | Growing Like a Weed

Bill Giebler, New Hope, Informa Markets

It’s difficult to have a conversation in today’s dietary supplement industry without hemp/cannabidiol (CBD) coming up. Simply, this nonhigh-inducing, cannabis-derived cousin of marijuana is the biggest news our industry has ever seen. And that’s not hyperbole.