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Find your next distributor in the Middle East


Modica offers specialist consultancy services for Arab Health and Medlab Middle East 2023 exhibitors.

Specialist services for accessing new markets

Looking to enter new healthcare markets in the Middle East? We're partnering with Modica to make it easier than ever for your business to find the right distributors to enter the market.

Arab Health & Medlab Middle East exhibitors can benefit from this unique partnership and access specialist consultancy services that will fast-track their regional assessment and progress, and minimize the time to reach each market. 

Simply click below to tell us some more about your company and business goals, and Modica's dedicated specialists will get back to you to discuss where to begin.

About Modica

Modica is a UAE-based business facilitator for international healthcare companies that aim to establish a presence in the Middle East.

With over 30 years of experience in setting up businesses across the Middle East, Modica offers clients access to the optimal distribution network in regional markets, along with tailored advice. With Modica's help, companies are able to quickly assess the value and potential of entering the ME region. Once key objectives are established, Modica's team of experts offer support in setting up new Area Management and go-to-market strategies for each individual country market.

Contact Modica with direct enquiries on +971 50 4510665 or click below to find out more.