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Informa Markets Supplier Diversity Portal

At Informa Markets, we believe that a diverse business is a stronger, more sustainable one. We’re committed to creating equal opportunities and supporting inclusivity in all that we do.

One way we’re doing this is through our Supplier Diversity Portal, which aims to support greater diversity across our global supplier base and sourcing processes.

We want to make our business more accessible to small or diverse businesses, who share our values and want to join us in helping our customers to trade, innovate and grow.

If you’re a minority-owned or other diverse supplier, we’d love to hear from you.

What Our Leaders Say

“Informa Markets is committed to being a more inclusive business and championing diversity both internally and externally. As a powerful connector of people, we strive to do better, and to help our industry do better. Our aim is to improve our hiring practices, utilize our resources to amplify minority-owned businesses, and support communities who are traditionally underrepresented in our industry.”

- Nancy Walsh |  President - North America

“Creating environments which celebrate diversity, and where new ideas are welcomed and embraced, is what Informa Markets is all about. I’m excited to explore opportunities for new partnerships which will enable to us to benefit from greater diversity across our supply chain.”

- Peter Hall  |  President – EMEA

“Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to all areas of our organisation, including who we work with. There’s a place for everyone at Informa Markets – if your business shares our values and has the capacity to meet our procurement needs, we’d love to hear from you.”

- Margaret Ma Connolly  |  President - Asia


If your business meets the above criteria and you are interested in working with us, please register via our Supplier Diversity Portal.

Please note that registering via the Portal does not guarantee that you will obtain Informa Markets’ business. The criteria used to select diverse suppliers are the same ones we use to select all suppliers.