Making IFSEC International a 21st century-ready event.

We are proud of the way IFSEC International has evolved over the last several years. The event is now better adapted to the shifting security landscape, having introduced new features such as Show Me How in response to visitor feedback, and we are focusing increasingly on converged security and tackling contemporary threats such as cyber threats.

But we’ve made other changes too, aimed at making IFSEC International a more modern, sustainable, and inclusive environment for our visitors.
Going green

Our sustainability efforts have been ongoing for several years. We understand the responsibility we have towards the environment, so we’ve made being sustainable central to how we run our events, how we make decisions and how we do business every day. Today, all our events are powered by renewable energy, making their energy usage entirely carbon neutral.

We are also minimising the amount of waste – and single-use plastic in particular – at our events, both in the design of our theatres, signage and show zones, and by encouraging all our visitors to cut down their personal plastic usage. Be sure to refill your water bottles at the water fountains near the main entrances!
Making events welcoming and inclusive for all visitors