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From London to Shanghai, we curate events that bring professionals, artisans and experts together to experience the power of design and inspire the future of the industry with compelling concepts, innovative products and avant-garde ideas. Our top ranked global shows in China (Furniture China, Hotel Furniture China and FMC China), Malaysia (Malaysia International Furniture Fair), and the UK (designjunction, Decorex, Sleep & Eat and KBB) attract visitors from around the world.

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Event Spotlight: Decorex International

Upcoming Events


Furniture China

08-12 September, 2020
Shanghai, China

IDS Toronto

16-19 January, 2020 | Toronto, Canada

Artist Project

20-23 February, 2020 | Toronto, Canada

kbb Birmingham

01-04 March, 2020 | Birmingham,United Kingdom

27-29 April, 2020 || Shanghai,China

14-16 May, 2020|| Los Angeles, USA

30 June-03 July, 2020| São Paulo, Brazil

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