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Curating experiences where professionals and consumers can cultivate relationships, source products and services, and connect with like-minded enthusiasts in industries including automobiles, motorcycles, bridal and wellness products, recruitment, home goods and gifts. Events in this portfolio include the International Motorcycle Show that spans 7 major US markets, Bride Dubai, Autotech and One of a Kind, among others.

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Upcoming Events

Autumn Fair

The Autumn Fair

23-31 January, 2020
Manama, Bahrain

Progressive IMS Denver

17-19 January, 2020| Denver, USA

Progressive IMS Cleveland

24-26 January, 2020 | Cleveland, USA


27-29 January, 2020| Abu Dhabi, UAE

Progressive IMS Minneapolis

31 January-02 February, 2020| Minneapolis, USA

Bride Show Dubai

05-08 February, 2020| Dubai, UAE


14-17 February, 2020| São Paulo, Brazil

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